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After meeting hundreds of struggling entrepreneurs as an investor on Shark Tank, as well as through other endeavors, I realized just how common the need for this kind of fundamental information is.

In meeting this demand, I compiled these free resources for you. Located in this central place, I’ve highlighted some of the best entrepreneur tools that I’ve come across to help bring you closer to your dream. I hope you enjoy them.

“The People’s Shark”

The 8 Musts Every Business Needs for Success


The 8 musts

These 8 items have been used successfully with thousands of businesses to increase revenue and maximize profits

Step by step video training

These 8 items have been used successfully with thousands of businesses to increase revenue and maximize profits

Printable Scorecard

Print out this scorecard and worksheet and follow along in real time.

Identifying Your Target Market


how to Indentify Your Target Market

Learn who your ideal customer is, how to serve them, and what gets them to buy

Video training

Video training explaining how to find that perfect customer

Communication skills

Learn how to better communicate with your target customer

A Step-by-Step Guide to Product Validation


keys to Product validation

The key points to consider when creating and validating a product/service or idea

Video training

Video training explaining how and why this is such a vital part of your product journey

product validation checklist

A printable checklist to get you started on your product validation journey


Included is a video of my very own product validation journey for FUBU

SHARK Points Guide

 As an entrepreneur it is so important to understand you must never stop learning. My SHARK Points Guide is a great step in the right direction towards that goal. Learn as much as you can everyday, because once you stop challenging yourself, you will stop using the power of broke mindset and become stagnant in all facets.

How to Set Goals Like A Shark

I created this guide to be an endless source of motivation for you. From identifying your why and defining your version of success, to setting goals and putting a plan in place to achieve them, this will be your roadmap to success. Remember, you are in control of your success.

Speak Like a Shark

image (1)

 Have you every heard a business term and thought to yourself, “What the heck does that mean?” Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before. But now, with this guide, there’s no excuse for you to cautiously nod your head as if you know what the other person is talking about.

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