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"I could have gone to college for four years , maybe even gone up to an M.B.A., but I said "Hey, I can take this course and get what I really need to learn instead". After the course, we started really applying what we were learning and saw exponential growth. We went from 6 figures to 7 figures pretty quick. When I started, I was kind of lost but I learned about marketing, branding, business fundamentals, scaling, really the A to Z of what I needed to know to start my business."


"I was very excited to learn that Shark Tank's Daymond John had developed a digital training program "Daymond on Demand" to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale a business. After completing the program for myself and utilizing the many resources offered, I feel well equipped to tackle the obstacles I face as a small business owner and food manufacturer!"

DERRICK FURLOW JR. | CEO, Sports. Life. Business LLC

"Daymond on Demand is a great program that teaches you the fundamentals of business, marketing, finance and practical information on how to start and grow your own business. Being a busy business owner myself, I love the fact that this program is a self-paced, video-based system. Best part is that while I’m learning how to improve myself as an entrepreneur, my sons (a 2nd grader & an 8th grader) have also been following along and are excited about starting their own businesses!"


"Daymond on Demand Is really awesome because it helps with sales, marketing, branding, overall business fundamentals and even personal branding and I love that! One of the courses that really stuck out to me was on funding. It was truly valuable for me and my business to take that next step. I recommend Daymond on Demand for any entrepreneur, business owner, or someone trying to build a personal brand."

Justin Henry | CEO of Emerge Marketing Strategies

"Daymond on Demand has been a great experience for me as an entrepreneur. The training and information is being used daily in all aspects of our business, from the strategic level to the tactical execution. Daymond stresses the importance of mentors and we feel like he is personally serving as a mentor to our business through this program. As we forecast for the coming fiscal year, we are projecting doubling our revenue year over year. There is no question Daymond's guidance is a contributor to this growth."

ALAN ALTOM | VP, Vet Veggies
deejay femia daymond on demand reviews

Going through the Daymond on Demand program has given me confidence to get back on the horse. Speaking with Daymond helped me realize I was correct to listen to my gut. Looking back, I realize this program, along with the Daymond on Demand program has offered me a wealth of information. I truly feel Daymond is my “partner,” and I feel as though I have a team while I am building my business.

Dee Jay Femia  |  CEO, Plimsoll Gear

Michael brooklins daymond on demand reviews

One thing the training stresses is the importance of defining terms. A significant amount of time is given towards understanding the definition of certain business concepts. This gives order to chaos, and helps one zoom in on the essential.

Michael Brookins  |  MWB Publishing LLC.

Scott nesbitt Daymond on demand reviews

Daymond on Demand helped me develop a more streamlined thought process. Taking these courses gave me the much needed insight on how to do things more efficiently and effectively and I have since applied his principles to my brand.

Scott Nesbitt  |  CEO, No Worrys

I was very excited to learn that Shark Tank’s Daymond John had developed a digital training program “Daymond on Demand” to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on how to grow
and scale a business. After completing the program for myself and utilizing the many
resources offered, I feel well equipped to tackle the obstacles I face as a small business owner and food manufacturer!


Founder/CEO – Holmes Made Foods, LLC

Michael Gill daymond on demand reviews

Daymond on Demand has helped me improve my business and mature as an entrepreneur in order to help me start bringing in customers. Many previous mentors did not know how to help me due to the nature of my business, however Daymond on Demand is versatile enough to help anyone. Being in school, I recommended this to my business professor and he loved what he saw as well.

Michael Gill  |  CEO, Electric Hypersport Racing, Inc.

Marcus warren daymond on demand reviews

Daymond on Demand has helped me identify my target audience. It has taught me how to do my research on the market. Seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Marcus Warren  |  CEO, Keylight Productions LL

devette ross daymond on demand reviews

Since taking the Daymond on Demand course, I have added about 100 new customers and seen a $1,500 increase in sales this month as well as have plans to add new services! The Spa’s bills are no longer coming out of my own pocket and it is paying for itself. As for me, as a business owner, Daymond has taught me the importance of staying consistent and showing up where it is needed.

Devette Ross  |  CEO, Dee’s Gifted Hands Spa Boutique

Daymond on Demand Reviews

Daymond on Demand opened my eyes to a lot of areas of business that I wasn’t aware of. I’m grateful for resources like Daymond on Demand to teach big dreamers like myself the business behind my passion. No other person has taught me as much in business, and I’m forever grateful. I feel like I know Daymond, but the truth is so do thousands of other entrepreneurs who take the time to listen.

Leneen Faith

Peacebe and the Heartwatch, LLC

Andrew Anthony daymond on demand review

I am so grateful for the way Daymond set up Daymond on Demand so clearly, user friendly, and to the point. It without a doubt trimmed YEARS off of what I refer to as “trial and error”. The $100,000+ spent on college has not even come close to providing this level of value in 4 years of what this course was able to do in less than a month! It provided me what just the right things I needed to bring my business to the next level. Thank you Daymond!

Andrew Anthony  |  CEO, Andr3wss LLC.

Daymond on Demand Testimonial

Business advice to fit my life! As a full-time working professional and aspiring entrepreneur, I have very little ‘spare’ time during the week. Daymond on Demand has managed to put valuable information into bite sized pieces to keep me engaged and challenged, even with my busy schedule. Ten minutes of online mentorship with Daymond provides enough value for a whole week of business advice for my coaching practice!

Kara Citarella  |  Mental Empowerment Coach

Daymond on Demand Reviews

Daymond On Demand has inspired me to leave my 9 to 5 job I didn’t enjoy, which lead me to pursuing my side business of digital marketing full time. Quit my job 5 months ago, with the goal of making my job income doing my own business, but within the first month I’ve already surpassed my job income. Overall Daymond On Daymond helped me grow, and become more organized, even disciplined. I now follow a strict daily schedule of getting up at 6 A.M. working out, then working! Thanks, Daymond!

Marco Dawson  |  CEO, Marcos Market

Daymond on Demand Reviews

The Daymond On Demand program has provided me a ton of value while I was launching my consulting company. If only I had access to this information 4 years ago it would’ve saved me easily over $200,000. Just the first chapter alone is worth 10-fold the price of the program.​​


Founder, Unplugged Influence, INC.​

Anthony smith daymond on demand reviews

Daymond on Demand helped me to navigate in in ways that I can only dream of having in a sense an online tutor and reference guide has allowed me to play on a bigger platform.

Anthony Smith  |  CEO, CEO, H.S.P.C llc

This program needs to be a college course requirement for everyone planning to start their own business! I have owned a few businesses, yet Daymond on Demand taught me things that I never even considered. Thank you Daymond John for and the entire Daymond on Demand staff for such powerful training. I truly appreciate the effort to educate every entrepreneur to accel and accomplish their goals.

Jon Minor  |Usquare Games

Daymond on Demand Student Review

Daymond on Demand has helped me to understand the different ways to bring money to my startup. This has come to me at the right time while building my tech startup. I believe some of the valuable lessons in there is going to help me throughout my life.

Nandit Mehra  |  Founder, BuyTrue.In

Daymond on Demand Reviews

What’s so amazing about these courses is behind all these important facts, concepts and business terms, Daymond is following up with great examples and his own personal experiences so that the concepts are relatable and very easy to comprehend. Not only is there value in the information that is presented, but I got to know a lot about Daymond himself and his growth as an entrepreneur. That alone is extremely inspiring and educational! For months I’ve procrastinated on launching my online store. His mentorship gave me the confidence boost I needed to get my store off the ground!​


Founder, PlasticAction​

Daymond on Demand Student Review

Daymond is a powerhouse of practical and actionable wisdom that we can all learn from and apply to our own pursuit of success. Daymond’s vast experience is efficiently delivered on his easy-to-use online platform. The Daymond on Demand virtual training program allows me to access this great resource wherever I go and keeps me accountable to continue my personal and professional growth over time.

Mike Watts Founder  |  General Manager, DMD Products USA​

Daymond on Demand Student Review

The Daymond on Demand course has provided me a foundational understanding of the different sources of money available to me. By learning these essential business skills, I now feel more prepared on how to access capital, lead a team, and develop strategic partnerships with established business partners with an increased level of confidence.

Gary Pierre – Louis  |  GPL, Mobile Notary Services INC

Daymond on Demand Reviews

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of completing the Daymond On Demand Course. Your online mentorship has changed my business approach and propelled me into bigger (more lucrative) business ventures. You gave me the confidence to attack bigger goals and to keep “grinding”. It was like having a world class business mentor right by my side the whole time.

Josh Richter  |  Mental Empowerment Coach

Daymond on Demand Reviews

Daymond On Demand gives me amazing business insight and I am constantly learning. It provides the step-by-step guidelines for small businesses like mine.  Listening to this helps me to plan out how I can apply them to Mobo to overcome our challenges.  I love Daymond John’s 5 keys to success:  set a goal, do your homework, love what you do, remember, you are the brand and keep swimming.  With the tools that Daymond on Demand provides, I realized just how much potential Mobo has for growth and I’m excited to use his advice to bring Mobo to next level.

Melody Hsieh-Hornstra

Founder/CEO, Mobo

Daymond on Demand Review

Daymond on Demand is powerful tool for online education with a wide range of in-depth courses.

The supplemental materials, quizzes and videos makes the program extremely useful to brush up on my skills and take my knowledge to a new level. I highly recommend this training program, especially for business people, entrepreneurs and consultants. The program covers all the sectors with valuable, world class knowledge. I’m always grateful for Daymond and the Daymond on Demand team!

Titta Kote  | Founder, The Happy Ambassador

Daymond on Demand Review

As a college student and entrepreneur, I was very intrigued when I first heard about the Daymond on Demand program. I have been happy to find that despite Daymond John’s experience in fashion, the program is applicable to any industry or service.  From product validation to business plan development, it has provided me with supremely in-depth explanations and advice and I have already been able to use to avoid so many mistakes. With life-time access, I will be re-visiting chapters that coincide with the current stage of my startup!

Declan McCarthy  | Founder, Snoop

Keith wilkins daymond on demand reviews

Daymond on Demand helped me build a foundation. By learning the basics from self-determination and self development. It has been amazing experience so far!

Keith Wilkins II  |  CEO Denwill Properties

As with any business-related program, your results using Daymond on Demand may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a number of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. Daymond on Demand is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results, and these students agree.