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"Daymond on Demand is a great program that teaches you the fundamentals of business, marketing, finance and practical information on how to start and grow your own business. Being a busy business owner myself, I love the fact that this program is a self-paced, video-based system. Best part is that while I’m learning how to improve myself as an entrepreneur, my sons (a 2nd grader & an 8th grader) have also been following along and are excited about starting their own businesses!"


"I could have gone to college for four years , maybe even gone up to an M.B.A., but I said "Hey, I can take this course and get what I really need to learn instead". After the course, we started really applying what we were learning and saw exponential growth. We went from 6 figures to 7 figures pretty quick. When I started, I was kind of lost but I learned about marketing, branding, business fundamentals, scaling, really the A to Z of what I needed to know to start my business.


I was very excited to learn that Shark Tank's Daymond John had developed a digital training program "Daymond on Demand" to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale a business. After completing the program for myself and utilizing the many resources offered, I feel well equipped to tackle the obstacles I face as a small business owner and food manufacturer!

Ethan Holmes | Founder/CEO - Holmes Made Foods LLC Tweet
What’s so amazing about these courses is behind all these important facts, concepts and business terms, Daymond is following up with great examples and his own personal experiences so that the concepts are relatable and very easy to comprehend. Not only is there value in the information that is presented, but I got to know a lot about Daymond himself and his growth as an entrepreneur. That alone is extremely inspiring and educational! For months I’ve procrastinated on launching my online store. His mentorship gave me the confidence boost I needed to get my store off the ground!
Daymond on Demand Student Review
Jax Navarro
Founder, PlasticAction
Daymond on Demand has helped me to understand the different ways to bring money to my startup. This has come to me at the right time while building my tech startup. I believe some of the valuable lessons in there is going to help me throughout my life
Daymond on Demand Student Review
Nandit Mehra
Founder, BuyTrue.In
Daymond is a powerhouse of practical and actionable wisdom that we can all learn from and apply to our own pursuit of success. Daymond's vast experience is efficiently delivered on his easy-to-use online platform. The Daymond on Demand virtual training program allows me to access this great resource wherever I go and keeps me accountable to continue my personal and professional growth over time.
Daymond on Demand Student Review
Founder, General Manager, DMD Products USA
The Daymond On Demand program has provided me a ton of value while I was launching my consulting company. If only I had access to this information 4 years ago it would’ve saved me easily over $200,000. Just the first chapter alone is worth 10-fold the price of the program.​
Founder, Unplugged Influence, INC.
The Daymond on Demand course has provided me a foundational understanding of the different sources of money available to me. By learning these essential business skills, I now feel more prepared on how to access capital, lead a team, and develop strategic partnerships with established business partners with an increased level of confidence.
Daymond on Demand Student Review
Gary Pierre - Louis
GPL, Mobile Notary Services INC
I have operated my own businesses since 1985, has referred to me as a serial entrepreneur. I thought I knew it all, but boy was I mistaken! The Daymond On Demand interactive training video series has been like going back to college and earning my masters degree in entrepreneurial studies. It's that good! These interactive training videos are packed full of great information on how to grow your business and not only survive in your marketplace but how to thrive!
Nick Vacco
CEO, Detail King
The Daymond on Demand learning center is spot on! Personally, I am not the type to waste a single minute or any idea or connection that might apply…so this has been a big help to me! Daymond’s training will keep you motivated and, on your toes, helping you along the way to your next move so you don’t lose a beat and can make the most of your business!
Daymond on Demand Testimonial Review
Sherri Pulie
CEO, WIL, LLC & The Headache Hat
Daymond is filled with tremendous amounts of knowledge and can steer any entrepreneur in the right direction and help them succeed. Having Daymond on Demand gives me access to that information 24/7 and it is a great tool to have in my arsenal as a business owner.
Daymond on Demand Testimonial Review
Rashmi Budhram
BuKo, LLC.